2004 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
3-3-200417RB-1Chris Degiere and I rode up into the headlands off the GG bridge, then looped back thru the single-lane tunnel to the sausalito climb-out and back home across the GG.
3-4-200435ADVNTib loop with stork, twerk, degiere. stork and I took ferry back from tib.
3-7-200412?NsportRode from Colma Saturn to work in Foster City -- straight down El Camino to Burlingame (light traffic at 9am), then took delaware to san mateo.
3-10-200450ADVNExtended Paradise Valley loop -- went straight thru Larkspur to San Anselimo (?) and back, then completed Paradise Valley loop to Tiburon. Then I took the ferry back to SF and bought the Carradice SQR bag (met the seller in front of Pier 1 / Ferry Building). Then I rode up Market back to home.
3-18-200435?ADVNDean, Stork, and JimG left at 8:30am & rode through GG Park to Great Highway, up Skyline and hit rainshowers. Paused at quick-mart up there for coffee and choco-donuts til the rain subsided. Then we rode down through the Sawyer Camp Trail to San Mateo, where we dropped down into the town and took roads up to Milbrae, where we BARTed back home to SF.
3-24-200450ADVNMe, Stork, Dean, Kaveh. Paradise Valley Loop.
4-1-200424.3RB-1Sausalito and back. Stork, Dean, & Kaveh did 75m, starting at 8am. I bailed because I didn't feel good when I woke up at 7:30am.
4-6-20045?Nsportwork/commute. Tried panniers on new Tubus Cargo rack. In a word, *blech*.
4-9-200445ADVNParadise Valley Loop. 45m in 3hours. Rode solo, met a chap named Brent S. (or Bruce?) who attempted to give pointers on fast decending.
6-12-200466ADVNMt. Tam Watershed loop w/Stork, Kaveh, Dean, Jordy. Nearly died (actually had to walk up a hill) after not riding for 1.5 months, but 66miles is the farthest I've cycled this year, so booyah!
6-14-20048?RhopperWork/commute. Dropped car off at Saturn/Colma, BARTed to Milbrae, then rode thru Burlingame to Foster City. Tonight will be normal commute via bike+Caltrain home.
6-15-20048?RhopperBike+train to work, missed 8:07pm evening train, so I rode up to Milbrae to catch BART to 16th St station.
6-23-20045?RhopperDropped car off at Saturn, rode to SSF BART, took BART to Milbrae, then took Caltrain to San Mateo. Rode from San Mateo to work in Foster City. Rode to Milbrae after work, and took BART to 16th St. and rode the rest of the way home
7-3-200446ADVNParadise Valley Loop -- new Shimano long-reach dual-pivot brakes.
7-10-200430RB-11/2 paradise valley loop (to top of camino alto, then back home). I climb faster on the rb-1 for some reason!
7-15-200412?Nsportto work from Colma/Saturn via El Camino, then normal work/commute home
7-17-200453RB-1Rode across GG Bridge, climbed up to Marin Headlands, looped back around to Sausalito, met up with "Aerobar Art" (142 Lake) and climbed Camino Alto, then rode out to Larkspur, then reversed. 4 big climbs, 3.5 hours, nearly 53 miles.
7-24-200445?ADVNRode with Reed & Degiere? Paradise Valley loop?
8-22-200419.5ADVNFirst ride on new CC wheelset. Did a Lake Merced loop.
8-28-200433.5RB-1Across GG bridge, through Sausalito, to other side of Camino Alto climb, then back home. 2.5 hours
10-2-200438ADVNRode short Paradise Valley Loop with Chris and bumped into a guy he knows named Cody.