2005 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
2-5-200549.1RB-1w/Reed -- Lake Merced loop with Aidsride group (18m), then across the GG bridge through Sausalito and back. [2nd ride of 2005]
2-12-200546ADVNacross GG to sausalito, up camino alto, to fairfax and back with Reed and aidsriders.
3-6-200552.63ADVNw/Reed -- Aidsride training ride, from Presidio Sports Basement to Fairfax via Camino Alto, then partial Tib/Paradise Valley loop back home.
3-20-200545.60ADVNParadise Valley Loop. got a bit of rain.
3-26-200570.6RB-1Partial Nicasio Loop. Rode Solo. Got to northern end of Nicasio Valley Blvd., then turned around. Rode RB-1 equip'd w/Banana Bag. Very tired afterwards, but at least I didn't have to walk up any hills on the way back! Must learn to pace myself on rides longer than 40 miles -- I started feeling very tired at around mile 40, because I rode too hard on the way out. Need different seat on the RB-1!
4-2-200566ADVNSF iBOB Ride. Met and rode with Mike and Roland. Rode to Fairfax, over White's Hill, lunched at Woodacre Deli, then back home.
4-10-200530?NsportFirst fixie ride across the Golden Gate Bridge! Rode to Tiburon and back. I didn't walk any, but man do my legs/knees hurt today! Also got tapped by car making right turn in front of me as we were climbing out of Sausalito. :( No harm done fortunately!
5-14-200550ADVNTo Fairfax, then the short vs. of the Paradise Loop on the return leg. Rode with Reed and Q.
5-21-200581ADVNRode to Olema, had lunch @ Olema Liquor & Deli, returned via Nicasio Valley Blvd.
6-2-200510?NsportTook car to shop; Rode to work from Colma to Foster City.
6-2-20055?Nsportwork/commute (bike+caltrain)
6-4-200535?NsportRode the fixie across the GGB through Sausalito, climbed Camino Alto, then did the short version of Paradise Valley loop, then back home. Left 9:30am, returned 12:30pm.
6-9-200510?NsportTook car to shop again; Rode to work from Colma to Foster City.
6-12-200520?NsportRode with Salim and Travis across the GG to end of Sausalito bike path and then back home; descended and climbed Conzelman on fixed-gear.
6-18-200555ADVNRode to Fairfax and over White's Hill to Woodacre Deli w/Salim.
6-26-200550?NsportRode fixie through Fairfax to top of White's Hill, then returned. Left @ 2:30, returned @ 6:30. Bumped into Patrick on the way...
???38.8RB-1Rivendell Grand Opening Ride
7-3-200548.8RB-1Paradise Valley Loop w/Reed on his new Serotta. RB-1 got a Terry Fly saddle.
7-10-200560?CdaleSF Populaire 100k route (modified), rode with Carlos and Matt. Started 8am, returned 4:30pm.
7-17-200535BontyMarin Headlands/Miwok Stables loop
7-24-2005105ADVNSF iBOB Point Reyes Century -- rode with Salim, Carlos, Mike, Keith. Used new FSA 26x38x48 chainrings, had problems getting the front der set up properly. Didn't hydrate enough + rode too hard and got dizzy from the heat/effort. 7am to 7pm.
7-31-200555RB-1Fairfax to Bolinas Rd., got halfway up to Alpine Dam Rd. & turned back due to heat, then did shorty Tiburon loop before heading home
8-21-2005106ADVNTour d'Organics century in Sebastopol, CA. Rode with Mike.
8-28-200529.7CdaleMarin headlands with Carlos
9-4-200552.5RB-1To Fairfax and up to top of Bolinas-Fairfax Rd. and back.
10-8-200534.2ADVNShort Paradise Valley Loop