2006 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
1-7-200640ADVNParadise Valley/Tib loop w/Carlos. Stopped in Tib for coffee & had a bit of rain.
1-15-200630?ADVNQuick Headlands-loop ride w/Carlos before the Rando seminar at Rivendell.
1-16-200660?ADVNMLK birthday (no work) ride w/Carlos; GGB to Fairfax to Town of Nicasio and back.
1-22-200650?NsportGGB to Fairfax fixie ride, tested out brevet gear: new Cateye EL-500 LED headlight, EL-200 helmet light (borrowed from Salim), Nathan reflective sash, and front custom lightbar mount. Left late afternoon, returned in darkness around 7 or 8pm.
1-28-2006137.08ADVNSF Rando 200k brevet; 7am-7:30pm, 12.5 hours; wet/rained all day! report
2-5-200682RB-1GGB to Fairfax to Nicasio to Pt. Reyes Station to Olema through Samuel P. Taylor Park to Fairfax to GGB. w/Carlos. RB-1 newly fendered with SKS P35s from ADVN.
2-11-200665CdaleCarlos' new off-road 100k populaire route. GGB up/over Conzelman past Missle Base to Headland Trails to Tennessee Valley over ridge on trails climb up to base of Mt. Tam and then Lagunitas Lake then more trails to Bolinas Fairfax Rd down to Fairfax back to GGB. 8am-4pm
3-4-200625?NsportFixie ride across GGB thru Sausalito to top of Camino Alto, returned via Conzelman. 3:30pm-6:30pm. photos
3-18-200645ADVNParadise Valley Loop. ADVN cleaned up & SKS P45s installed after 200k brevet. 2pm-6pm. photos
3-19-200630BontyMarin Headlands Trails with Carlos. 11:30pm-4:00pm. photos
3-26-200616NsportRode to GGB/Chrissy Field/SportsBasement with Stork and Sandy; bought a new Bellwether windshell. 11:30am-2pm. photos
3-28-200625NsportRode to work. Colma to Foster City via Hickey Blvd to Skyline to Sawyer Camp Trail. 8:45am-10:45am. photos
3-31-200620NsportRode to work, from Colma to Foster City, via El Camino Real. 9am-10:15am.
4-10-200620NsportRode across the GGB and up to the top of Conzelman, then back down the side road to Bunker Road, through the tunnel to Sausalito Lateral, then back up to the bridge and back home. 3pm-4:30pm photos
4-13-200625ADVNRode with Carlos across the GGB, up and over Conzelman, to Bunker Rd., through the tunnel, down Sausalito Lateral, back to the Discovery Museum, climb back up to Sausalito Lateral, back to the GGB and home. Carlos had problems with his cassette loosening on the freehub. 3pm-5pm. photos
5-20-200630ADVNCarlos and I went to the Rivendell Garage Sale, then did a short ride afterwards: Crossed the GGB, thru Sausalito, up Camino Alto, then turned around and went back home. Climbing was somewhat uncomfortable, with pain in my groin and/or right hip. This was my first ride in over a month, after pulling something in my abdomen moving a heavy (but free) TV, and then getting the flu. photos
6-3-200650CdaleMixed-terrain ride w/Carlos: GGB to Marin Highlands trails to Miwok Stables; out Tennessee Valley Rd. to Sausalito; up Camino Alto to San Anselmo; Sir Francis Drake to San Rafael; visited Performance Bike Shop and The Re-Cyclery; lunched at Giant Burger, returned home via pavement. photos
6-10-200665RB-1Rode with Carlos to Woodacre Deli where we picked up sandwiches, then rode to Nicasio to eat them. On the way back home we bumped into Stork, Erik, and Damon out on a ride, and rode back across the GGB with them. photos
6-24-200660Fuji60 mile mixed terrain ride with Carlos. I rode the new Fuji Cross bike. We rode from SF through the Marin Headlands, to Muir Beach then Mt. Tam, up to Lagunitas Lake, then dropped down to Fairfax via Bolinas Fairfax Rd, then back home to SF on pavement through San Anselmo, Ross, and Sausalito. 9:00am-6:30pm. Drank full camelbak of water plus 2 bottles of cytomax = 128oz. Had to true/redish the rear wheel on the trail when it came dangerously close to rubbing on left chainstay. Headset came loose, too -- remember to tighten this. You also want to switch to V-brakes! photos
7-1-200660Cdale60 mile mixed terrain ride, same route as 6-24-2006 ride. Met and rode with Jim "Cyclofiend" Edgar. 9am-5:30pm. photos
7-4-200630FujiMarin Headlands offroad ride with Carlos, route was a figure-8 centered around Miwok Stables. 9am-1:30pm. photos
7-8-200621ADVNShort ride with Carlos across GGB, up Conzelman, down to Point Bonitas Lighthouse where we explored the old army bunkers, then on Bunker Road thru the tunnel, down Sausalito Lateral, to Fort Point, back up Bunker to GGB then back to SF; we then rode to the local Performance bike shop to do a bit of browsing and shopping. Dawn and I later did a short ride through the park so she could get a feel for her bike (the Stumpjumper Sport). photos
7-16-200630FujiMixed-terrain route with Stork and Carlos; did Marin Headlands loop to Miwok Stables (Coastal Trail, Rodeo Valley Trail, Miwok Trail, Old Springs Trail, Miwok Stables, Maricello Road, Bobcat Trail, Bunker Road to GGB), then stopped for lunch in the Marina, then a short city loop to get home. Stork rode his drop-bar-converted Rocky Mtn Hammer; my Fuji got new V-brakes that worked pretty well. photos
7-22-200650RB-1Rode to Fairfax and half-way up White's Hill with Johnny, very hot temps (105F in Fairfax).
7-29-200645FujiMixed Terrain ride with Patrick Shea and Carlos. We met up with Patrick on the Mill Valley Bike Path past Mike's Bikes & across from the school soccer fields, then we rode up to Mill Valley and picked up the Railroad Grade fire road, taking that up towards Mt. Tam, then decending on Deer Park Fire Road. We took Panoramic Road back to Mill Valley and returned via the bike path through Sausalito to the GGB. 9am - 2:30pm. photos
8-12-200675FujiMixed-terrain Bolinas Ridge Epic ride with Carlos, Cyclofiend Jim, and Patrick. Met up at same spot in Mill Valley and climbed the Railroad Grade fire road, then up to Mt. Tam, down Mt. Tam, over to Bolinas/Fairfax Rd, and on to Bolinas Ridge Trail. Back home through Samuel P Taylor park and Fairfax. 8am-6pm photos
8-19-200662FujiMixed-terrain ride to Pine Mountain and Woodacre with Cyclofiend Jim and Carlos. Successfully hot some pencam videos with pencam strapped to h-bars (see blog). 8am to 5:30pm. photos
8-26-200653ADVNMarin Headlands Loop + Paradise Valley Loop with Stork. 9am-3:30pm. photos
9-2-200625FujiShort Marin Headlands+Sausalito Loop with Carlos and Stork.photos
9-4-200660FujiMixed-terrain ride with Carlos, Stork, and Cyclofiend. Met in Sausalito, rode to Mill Valley, climbed Old Railroad Grade to West Point Inn, then up Mt. Tam for lunch stop, down to Rockridge-Lagunitas Lake fire road to Lagunitas Lake, I crashed and scraped up my elbow, then to Bo/Fax Rd, down to Fairfax, Java Hut, then home. 9am-6pm photos
9-9-200648RB-1Paradise Valley Loop w/Stork. 10am-3:30pm photos
9-16-200686FujiMixed-Terrain ride to Glen Camp with Carlos. Conzelman Rd to Marin Headlands trails to Miwok Stables to Muir Beach to Dear Park Fire Rd to Pantoll Ranger Stn to W. Ridgecrest to Bolinas-Fairfax Rd to Hwy 1 to Glen Camp to Olema then back home thru Samuel P Taylor Park/Sir Francis Drake Rd. 7:30am-6:30pm photos
9-24-200627OtherStumpjumper Sport shakedown ride. Added new brakes (Avid Shorty 4) and front+rear racks to the Stumpjumper in preparation for touring and bike-camping. Rode across GGB, up Conzelman, down Coastal Trail, then Rodeo Valley Trail, Bobcat Trail, Alma Ave, Marin City, Sausalito, Bunker Road/Fort Baker, back across GGB. 3pm-5:30pm. photos
11-5-200620BontyRode across the GGB and up to the top of Conzelman, then back down and took Coastal Trail down to Bunker Road, through the tunnel to Sausalito Lateral, then back up to the bridge and back home. First non-commute ride after my knee injury; knee worked better than I feared but not as well as I'd hoped, with some twinges of pain during the ride, but (as of the next day) no ill after-effects. Also first ride with Marzocchi Z2 fork, it worked really well. 11am - 1:20pm photos
11-12-200656ADVN17 mile Conzelman loop with Andy S from the iBOB list (he rode his nicely equipped 650b Centurion); then I rode out to Java Hut in Fairfax for some coffee and pastry. 8am - 2pm
11-18-200629RB-1A short morning Conzelman-loop ride with Carlos, then over to the SF Veloswap. photos
11-24-200633BontyMarin Headlands offroad figure-8 Miwok Stables loop w/Carlos. Got some nasty chainsuck on the Bontrager. photos
11-25-200653RB-1Rode to Woodacre Deli for lunch w/Carlos. First ride on RB-1 with 44cm h-bars and Salsa 120mm/94-degree stem from Veloswap--new setup is definitely more comfortable and feels pretty good overall. Woodacre's meatloaf sandwich is pretty good, too. 9am-2pm photos
12-3-200645RB-1Paradise Loop with Stork's friend Zalman. Stork bailed just over the GGB. Rotated the RB-1's new bars slightly downward -- the drops are better but the ramps aren't as flat now. photos
12-10-200638RB-1Short version of the Paradise Loop, rode by myself. photos
12-17-200676ADVNRode to Woodacre Deli for sandwiches, then onto Nicasio to eat them with Carlos. We completed the loop, taking Petaluma-Pt. Reyes Road down to Platform Bridge Road, then returned through Samuel P. Taylor Park. I got a pinch-flat on the final dirt road in the park when I hit a rock. Also, it was quite cold today...that WoolyWarm jersey lets the chill through like a sieve. 8:30am-5pm. photos
12-23-200682FujiRode to Pt. Reyes Station with Cyclofiend Jim, on the Fuji CX newly-converted to brevet bike with front rack, fenders, and Pasela tires. Had a long slog of a day, woke up feeling like I was getting a cold, which worsened during the day. 9am-4:30pm
12-30-200654ADVNLeft around noon with a plan to head to Nicasio and then back home again, figuring I'd get some nighttime riding in to test out some bike lights...I bumped into Carlos near Woodacre on his way back from a long ride, we decided that traffic was quite heavy and that riding at night on Sir Francis Drake probably wasn't a good idea, so I turned around at that point and rode back with him. 54 miles for the day, 12pm to about 4:30pm. photos