2016 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
2-6-201650Trek400To Fairfax for coffee with Stork
2-8-201626Trek400Rode to Half Moon Bay for a work offsite. ride report
2-9-201640Trek400Rode home from Half Moon Bay.
2-21-201630Trek790Headlands Loop. Out Bobcat, return on Miwok.
3-27-201625BDBPelicanRode to Fairfax for dinner at Mark & Dana's place.
4-10-201661Trek400Mixter with Potis
4-17-201625UBIRandoFirst ride after powdercoat!
4-23-201627UBIRandoRodeo Beach Headlands Loop
4-30-201655UBIRandoMixter Loop with Carlos and Greg.
5-21-201653Trek790RRGrade to Eldridge to Phoenix Lake.
5-28-201656Trek790RRGrade to Mt Home to Pantoll to Rock Springs to Lake Lagunitas to Phoenix Lake to Ross. ride report
6-12-201682BDBPelicanNicasio Loop ride report
8-13-201667BDBPelicanSP Taylor out & back w/Stork ride report
8-21-201687UBIRandoPoint Reyes Stn with Stork and Allie ride report
8-28-201643Trek790Mt. Tam Mixter w/James and Stork ride report
9-3-201675UBIRandoRode to San Rafael to look at a CB500X. With Stork ride report
9-25-201675UBIRandoSFR El Paseito Mixto Populaire ride report
11-5-2016125BDBPelicanDel Puerto 200k with Stork and James ride report
11-13-201645--RRGrade w/Stork ride report
11-27-201680BDBPelicanPoint Reyes Station with James and Stork ride report