Limobike Cargo Bicycle

meet the limobike.
click for larger photo I thought it'd be cool to have a bike like an XtraCycle, so I set about to make one. Mine is more in the spirit of Chunk 666, but I think it'll get the job done. I plan to make some custom oversize racks, and mount four homemade versions of the Cobbworks Bucket Pannier. That, or a really long banana seat...and maybe a chopper fork! ;)
click for larger photo The design-plan for the bike involves cutting off the rear triangle of a MTB frame, and lengthening the chain- and seat-stays with bits from another frame (in this case, parts of a Bianchi Volpe frame, generously destroyed by friend Erik, who has a propensity for bending forks, headtubes, and downtubes)--those are the green bits you see in the photo. I need to add a seatstay bridge--those long stays flex outward when you apply the rear brake!

(more pix here)