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I'm always scouring the web, looking for information on SF-Bay-Area bike clubs (WHY don't we have a San Francisco bike club, anyways?!?!) or new places to ride (especially MTBing, which I haven't done in FAR too long!). I've lost track of all the separate lists of bookmarks I've created...so I'm going to dump those links here...


Carlos Duque's Cycling Website
Carlos is a longtime cycling pal who has an excellent blog/website full of touring stories, gear reviews, photos, rants, and more. He is a very strong cyclist with an eager smile and a no-frills, practical, "ride more worry less" style that keeps me grounded and reminds me that the ride itself is the most important thing! Carlos is also our local mixed-terrain specialist who got me hooked on that style of riding, and is also a fellow San Francisco Randonneurs member -- without his passion and help, I never would've gotten involved in riding brevets. Thanks Carlos!
Jim Edgar, aka The Cyclofiend, is another cycling pal who runs a popular website featuring several bike photo galleries (Current Classics, Cross Bikes, Single Speed Garage, and Working Bikes) with hundreds of submissions each! Jim is also runs the RBW fanpage that tracks news and updates from Rivendell Bike Works. There's tons more -- too much to list -- so check it out! Jim is also a strong rider, a single-speed and fixed-gear specialist -- his motto is "One Cog, Zero Excuses"! Since he grew up in Marin county, Jim's got cartographic knowledge of the roads and trails in the area. He often has an insightful story or two about a given road or trail on tap for any ride, and is a willing tour guide. He's also been bitten by the rando bug, joining us on the 2007 San Francisco Randonneurs 200k brevet, and I'm sure he'll ride more of the series in 2008 (right Jim?!?).
Kent Peterson's Randonneuring Page
I don't have many (any, really) cycling heros, but Kent keeps me pedalling the fixie, plus I admire his practical style and philosophy.
John Speare's Bike Page
John has a sweet vintage single-speed Stumpjumper with m-bars, very much like one I'm building up I built up (and no longer have).
Alex Wetmore's Blog
Alex's blog is chock-full of interesting bike projects including making custom racks, cutting and shaping metal, and lots of information on low-trail bike geometry. Good stuff!

local sf riding

The San Francisco Mountain Biking Page (gatetrails.com)
Lots of good information about SF mountainbiking, including Mt. Tam, Golden Gate Park, etc.
San Francisco Mountain Biking
"A website to preserve and promote responsible mountain biking in San Francisco through advocacy, trail stewardship and community outreach." Check out the Linked-Loop Shared-Use Off-Road Trail Network Concept!
Mountain Biking in the San Francisco Bay Area
Lots of good information, including maps and descriptions of Skeggs (aka El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve)
Fractal Boy's El Corte de Madera info & maps
EXCELLENT, printable maps of Skeggs
Big Brother Cycling Network
Western States Ride Calendar
San Francisco Cyclotouring/Randonneuring Yahoo Group
SF Bike Route Planner


Equus Bicycle Info Project
Various vintage catalogs for bikes, frame tubing, and misc components
DT Swiss spoke calculator
Classic Lightweights UK
Devoted to classic UK and Italian Lightweights
vintage cycling component database with LOTS of photos
Alex Wetmore's Bike Stem Comparison Tool
Compares two threadless stems of differing extension lengths/angles and height of spacers to find a similar handlebar position.
Shimano Nexus 8 internal-gear hub service manual
Manitou Fork FAQ
Tips on "second generation" Manitou forks (SX, XVert, etc.)
Angryasian.com's Fork Maintenance & Tuning
Includes brand-specific tips, as well as Englund Air cartridge tuning information
Geartech 2006 LED Lights Review
2006 LED Lights By James Sharp
Night Riding and LED Headlights
by Kent Peterson
"Smallest light for unlit roads"
iBOB thread with lots of good LED bike-light reviews
DIY/homebrew recumbent front-wheel drive low-racer
interesting projects with lots of good DIY info
The Carlton Catalina Restoration Project
Steve Maas did a detailed write-up on the restoration of his mid-60's Carlton bicycle. Includes great photos, DIY spray-painting info, tips on making replica decals, and links to DIY electroplating & powdercoating kits
online tubemiter program
Dan's Bicycle Page
Dr. Dan Wood's website with lots of DIY bike hacks, custom fitments, homemade trailer, etc.
The Nuts and Bolts of Bolting
Damon Rinard's SpoCalc
V-brakes with Drop Bars
Alex Wetmore's Using Shimano V-brakes with drop bars
Chris Timm's Drop bars and brakes
The Birth of Clockwork -- fillet brazed touring frame
nice photo sequence of fillet-brazed touring frame construction
Modikoso Bicycle Machine and Weldworks
Great informative website by part-time framebuilder James Morikawa in Honolulu, Hawaii
Australian-based website featuring some interesting DIY cargo bikes, tandems, etc.
Hippie-Tech Suspension
Mavic Tech website
lug pinning
MTB & fork manuals at manualer.happymtb.org
Daniel Rebour ID Project
Rec.bicycles.* FAQ
List of Published Bicycle Specs from Bicycling Magazine
Bicycle Steering Geometry
Geometrical Relation between Head Tube Angle, Trail and Fork Offset
Unofficial Nitto Homepage translated via Google Language Tools

clubs (non-racing)

Different Spokes San Francisco
This club is probably the ONLY SF-based, non-racing-oriented bike club I've found!
Diablo Cyclists
Located 30 miles east of San Francisco in Walnut Creek, California, the Diablo Cyclists are a recreational/touring, road and off road bicycle club, focused on providing the novice, intermediate and advanced cyclist an opportunity to ride, train and socialize with other bicycle enthusiasts. Our emphasis is more on the fitness, skill building, and social aspects of bicycling and less on racing. Please come out on one of our rides and get to know the friendly members of the Diablo Cyclists.
Big Brother Cycling Network
Club List
Major Taylor Cycling Club
I used to volunteer with MTCC, and I built their website... An East Palo Alto non-profit organization promoting bicycle education and advocacy from Redwood City to Mountain View. MTCC works through youth groups,schools, and bicycling activities to encourage active community participation to better our environment and quality of life. MTCC offers free community bike repair, an earn-a-bike program, and community recreational activities. MTCC also promotes alternative transportation using bicycles on a very practical and usable level...
San Francisco Randonneurs (alternate site)
This year I did the 200k, next year the 200k and the 300k!
Grizzly Peak Cyclists
The Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Inc. is a Berkeley-based group of folks who love bicycling.

misc info

rec.bikes FAQ
Peter John White Cycles
Lots of good tech info, including dynohub lighting systems, cranks/chainrings, and other esoteric cycling products.
Sheldon Brown/Harris Cyclery
The first place to go for tech info.
Tom Purvis' Bontrager Lore Pages

"...a free, easily accessable, well-organized stolen bike registry."
Bridgestone Bicycle Info Archives @ sheldonbrown.com
Patent Pending - Inventions and Technology Updates - Bike Patents
SF Environment: Toxic Materials Pick-Up
San Francisco Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility (for solvents/cleaners/etc.)
Miyata model info
good info on 1980s-era Miyata models; I should set something like this up for Nishikis!
California Vehicle Code Division 11 - Rules of the Road
Chapter 1. Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws - Article 4. Operation of Bicycles - California Cyclist Vehicle Code
AllBike! (all bike good bike indy bike)
Artistic Cycling
Bicycle Touring 101
Bruce Gordon Cycles
Maxway eCatalog
a free resource where classic lightweight bicycles get uniquely celebrated through provoking imagery and opinion
Bike Pictures, Posters, Catalog Scans etc. from Mark Bulgier

online stores

A E Bike
Bike Man
Bike Nashbar
Bike Stop
Every Bicycle Tire
Performance Bike
Western Bike Works