Ode to Old Nishikis

Nishiki bicycles from the late 1970's through the early 1990's represent some of the best of the "UJBs" (universal Japanese bicycles) sold in the USA during that time. My first "good" road bike was an '86 Nishiki Prestige, and I still don't know if selling it was the right thing to do. I currently have an '87 Nishiki Sport set up as a fixed-gear commuter. I've also sold a few other bikes and frames in the past. I think these bikes represent really good value, and can often be found at very good prices on the used market. Since there is little information to be found about this brand on the web, and it also seems that there were MANY models of Nishikis sold, so I'm attempting to collect photos and any other information I can find about Nishiki bicycles from this period.

Other Nishiki resources online: