Cue Sheet Editor

Formats a tab-delimited set of route data into a PDF-based cycling cue sheet in a useful format for the map cases of randonneur-style handlebar bags (two sections per printed sheet).

  1. As needed, export existing cue sheet from your spreadsheet program, saving it in text/TSV format. Copy/paste the contents of that file into the editor window below, or type content in directly to create a new cue sheet from scratch.
  2. First line of data (no tabs) will serve as document title or informational statement, repeated at the top of each section.
  3. Second line of data (with tabs) serves as column headers for the cue-sheet tables. Keep these short!
  4. Edit content as desired. Long/wrapping text may need to be placed on its own line with various number of tabs before it.
  5. Click "generate" button to create PDF in a new browser window.
  6. Save or print the generated PDF document as desired.