Project Portfolio/Code Samples

in no particular order...
Live365 Station Page Templating System
Redesign and rearchitect the Live365 Station and Broadcaster Profile web pages to provide additional content and features, and to facilitate syndication and co-branding partnerships. more >>
Live365 Broadcast Scheduler
Internet radio station program scheduler web application, to allow Live365 broadcasters to create multiple "shows" for their station and assign them to specific start/stop/repeat times over a weekly calendar. more >>
PHP Website Templating Engine
A PHP-based website templating system using CSS 2.0 "liquid" layout. more >>
Live365 Windows Media Center
--description in process-- (IE-compatible only)
iBOB Mailing List Reader
An interactive web-interface for a mailing list, allowing the user to read and reply to posts. There's also an iPhone/mobile version! more >>
Live365 Expandable Genre Menu
--description in process-- CSS Syndication Architecture
CSS rearchitecture in conjunction with JSP to facilitate efficient website syndication/co-branding and channelization on the (now outdated) website. more >>
Mover, A Drag & Drop Javascript Library
A Javascript library written in object-oriented style, providing support for repositionable HTML elements. more >>
AjaxEvent, A Javascript class for AJAX requests
I needed a concise way to create and manage AJAX requests for use on my website. As a learning exercise, I decided to write my own Javascript class to encapsulate this functionality. more >>