Mailing List Reader

iBOB Mailing List Reader

Project Goals
Create an interactive web-interface for the Internet-BOB mailing list, allowing the user to read and reply to posts.
Skills used
PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, AJAX
I admit it, I'm a cycling nut. I read the iBOB list pretty regularly, and unfortunately it's a pretty high-volume list, so the emails tend to clutter my inbox and it's hard to keep up with them, especially if I don't read it for a day or two. The list has an option to disable mail delivery, and I experimented with this, instead reading posts via the archives, but unfortunately the web-UI there is pretty basic -- very little is clickable, so doing anything requires a lot of copy-n-paste action. Very tedious! I figured there must be a better way. I contacted the list admin, and discovered there's no XML/RSS feed for the list, so I'm just using the bare HTML archive pages with a lot of regexp search-and-replacing, plus some Javascript to run a reload timer and to do some slight CSS manipulation.

Update (v2): I've rebuilt the main UI, tossing the frames and instead using an AJAX-based interface.

Update: Created a mobile version.

Examples/Links (v1) (v2)
Selected Source Code
LHS frame source -- message list (v1)
included file used to generate LHS message list (v1)
top-right frame -- message read page (v1)
bottom-right frame -- message reply (v1)