PHP Templating

PHP Website Templating Engine

Project Goals
Create a simple PHP-based templating system which mimics/approximates Mason's inherent content-wrapping templating functionality for my personal website (this website).
Skills used
One of the aspects of Mason that I really enjoy as a web-scripting language is its built-in template-system functionality: put an autohandler file in your web-root directory with whatever header/footer/logic you want, and it gets applied to any/all pages in your website *automagically*...this makes adding additional pages quick-n-easy, since it allows you to focus on the content of the page, not on headers/footers/navigation/etc. if you don't want to. I did some research on the web for a PHP-based solution, and either found entire CMS-like systems (e.g. PHP-Nuke) which were utter overkill for my needs, or basic scripts which dynamically included a specific content file into a webpage template via a querystring parameter or similar -- this was non-ideal for my needs. I also wanted something more sophisticated than simple file-includes for the header and footer within each PHP page! Then I found's simple template structure which, with a little tweaking, seemed like just what I needed. Additionally, I wanted to try out the new CSS 2.0 table-less "liquid" layout as explained at Floatutorial, so I integrated that layout into the template system design.
Examples/Links (this website) (page using LHS nav template) (page using nav-less template)
Selected Source Code
Page Class/Main Template Engine
Standard Layout Template
Alternate Layout Template
Dynamic Breadcrumb Header