Station Page Project

Live365 Station Page Templating System

Project Goals
Redesign and rearchitect the Live365 Station and Broadcaster Profile web pages to provide additional content and features, and to facilitate syndication and co-branding partnerships.
Skills used
Mason, PERL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML
A custom OO PERL module was created to facilitate efficient data retrieval and encapsulate business logic. HTML mockups were divided into Mason-based layout frameworks and reuseable content components -- each layout is responsible for instantiating a data object and passing that object into the various components for specific data acquisition and presentation formatting. A CSS system was designed to provide dynamic design changes to allow for syndication -- this works in conjunction with a Mason-based templating system to control co-branding and other layout logic.
About Inheritance
Custom-Skin Quick-Start Guide
Template System Overview/Walk-through
Station Page CSS Overview
Broadcaster Profile Page CSS Overview
Multiple views of the same station, powered by the templating system --
Selected Source Code
Template System autohandler
Station Page
Broadcaster Comments Component
Station Logo Component