Bikes help us achieve practical goals and become like well worn instruments. They are like teachers which challenge and test us. They can transform our body and heal our mental state. In essence they are a partner, and like other partners we romanticize them as they are and as we would like them to be. We find and define ourselves through our machine and our adventures with them. --Stephen Bilenky

SF Cyclotouring

Custom is Custom Fri, 24 Oct 2014 22:32:00 +0000
I just picked up rack project #10 from the powdercoater.


It's a 9x13" demi-porteur designed to fit on a Surly Big-Dummy fork.  It's pink (RAL 4010 to be specific) because that's the color the customer's daughter chose (she rides on the back of said Big Dummy).  Custom is custom!

I'm happy with how the rack turned out.  It's got some unique features, including an offset backstop to clear a Wald basket, six threaded bosses at the corners to bolt down the basket, and light wiring guides for right-side dyno power up and over to a left-side headlamp mount.  Also, since this particular bike uses disk brakes and the cantilever brake studs are unused, this rack bolts directly to the brake stud bases with chunky M10 socket-head bolts.  I had to hand-cut oversized rack tabs to accommodate that.