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Adapted from the original info by Piaw Na and Alex Wetmore's list guidelines...

What is internet-BOB?

The Internet-BOB list started as a spinoff of the Bridgestone Owner's Bunch, a club for owners of Bridgestone Bicycles. Bridgestone hasn't sold bicycles in the USA since 1994, but this list continues as a place for people who liked the Bridgestone philosophy to interact. This online group has no connection with the original Bridgestone-sponsored BOB except in name and in spirit. Quality over quantity shall be the guide. Any messages posted to the group should contribute to the discussion, and be worth reading (and re-reading).

Do I have to own a Bridgestone to join?

No you don't. You don't even have to be a retro-grouch. You just have to have an appreciation for the beauty of bicycles and bicycle riding, not be a chaser of technology, and have a love of bicycling history. Of course, if you own a Bridgestone and are a member of the "real" BOB, then it will help give you a context to build on, since many of the members of this list were bona-fide BOBs.

How do I join internet BOB?

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What do we talk about?

Popular topics of conversation on this list are the classic Japanese and American bicycles of the 1970s and 1980s, lugged steel frames, practical cycling and bicycle design (fenders, racks, lighting, etc), brevet riding, racing, touring, commuting, and off-pavent cycling.

This is not the list to join if you want to talk about the latest in aluminum racing frames, full suspension mountain bikes, or low spoke count wheels.

Are there any rules?

I like the kind of writing in the Bridgestone Catalog and in the BOB Gazette, what else should I read?

Well, you should read the kind of writing you like to read. But since you're a BOB, you will most likely enjoy at least some of the following:

Commercial Content on internet-BOB

Unsolicited commercial email is not welcome on this list. It is not acceptable to join this list with the sole purpose of advertising on it. Regular list participants who sell products of interest to list members may occasionally announce new products of interest to the list, special promotions for list members, or remind list members about products that they sell when answering other queries. For questions or concerns about this policy, contact the moderator.

Where are the message archives?

Alex Wetmore hosted the internet-BOB list, among others, for the decade prior to February 26, 2011 on his own dedicated servers. As such, the bulk of the archives are still stored on his servers, and are accessible there. Messages sent after that date are available in the new archives on Google Groups.

You can search both sets of archives using the search box at the iBOB Reader -- this is especially useful if you have a technical question, since it's likely already been covered.

How do I unsubscribe from this group?

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