2007 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
1-10-2007300OtherThe 2007 ride log data file was lost due to a programming accident. I vaguely remember that my total as of early February was around 900 miles, so I'm adding around 300 here which, in addition to the rides I've replaced, should account for the lost records. This is for various commuting and smaller rides...
1-14-200746RB-1Chilly Paradise Valley Loop Ride photos
1-15-200783RB-1MLK Day Ride to The Cheese Factory. Rode to the Cheese Factory on MLK Day with Carlos and newcomer Joe, whom we bumped into on Camino Alto. 83 miles, chilly, 9:15am to 6pm or so. photos
1-21-200783RB-1Solo ride to Point Reyes Station. SF-Fairfax-Samuel P. Taylor Park-Olema-Pt. Reyes Station, then back home the same way. Stopped only a couple quick times to shed/add layers, and for pastries and coffee at the Bovine Bakery in Pt. Reyes Station. Had a bit of fender trouble in SP Taylor due to a wheel-entangled stick. 8:30am to 3:30pm. photos
1-27-2007137RB-1San Francisco Randonneurs 200k. 137 miles for the day total, including to/from the start at the GGB. My time for the 200k was around 9:45, from 7am to 4:45pm. photos ride report
2-11-200774FujiLucas Valley Road Ramble. Rode to Woodacre to grab a sandwich, the onto Nicasio Valley Rd, explored Lucas Valley Rd & got about 1/2way to Galinas, turned around at The Big Rock; back down to Nicasio and went out to Rancho Nicasio to finish sandwich and use restroom, met Craig on a nice Kogswell P; rode back to Fairfax and saw accident (bike+black BMW) aftermath near Woodacre. 74 miles, 11:30am-5:30pm photos
2-24-2007185ADVNThe San Francisco Randonneurs 300k brevet -- 185 wet, soggy miles in about 17 hours. photos ride report
3-9-200756NsportCommuted to work 3.5 days this week. 16 miles per day.
3-11-200776FujiNicasio Loop, rode out through SP Taylor Park, up Pt Reyes-Petaluma Rd to Nicasio Valley Rd, then back home. Very warm and nice, got some sunburn even. 11am-5:30pm photos
3-16-200740NsportCommuted to work 2.5 days this week. 16 miles per day.
3-18-200786FujiLucas Valley Road Ride, met w/Cyclofiend and we cheered Carlos as he finished the SFR 400k, then we rode up Lucas Valley Road, and I looped back home via San Rafael. 8:30am-5pm photos
3-24-200718BontyWe hit up the Trips for Kids warehouse and shop sale; then bounced around some China Camp trails on our MTBs for about 18 miles, then retired to Cyclofiend's place for fruit smoothies. Thanks Cyclofiend! photos
4-13-200732NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 16 miles per day.
4-14-200724FujiShort headlands road loop with Carlos. Very windy! Forgot my camera...
4-15-200730BontyMarin Headlands/Miwok Stables offroad loop with Carlos. Rode the Bonty with the new XTR M900 cranks; had a bit of front downshifting problems due to poor spring tension adjustment on the front der, adjusted that at Miwok which seems to have helped. Rode out to Sausalito via Tenn Valley Rd and stopped for coffee. After parting ways with Carlos at the GGB I got some chainsuck riding home through the Presidio and bent a tooth on the new middle 'ring. Grrr, but fortunately the chainsuck plate did its job and protected the frame from further damage. Measured the chain's wear after the ride and noticed that it's just shy of 1/8" overlong, time for replacement I guess, hopefully that'll fix this chainsuck problem for good. photos
4-20-200716NsportCommuted to work 1 days this week. 16 miles per day.
4-22-200745NsportParadise Valley Loop with Cyclofiend, we bumped into Carlos in Tiburon and he rode back home with us, then I rode over to Carlos' place to pick up LED bike headlight parts; first long fixie ride of the year. photos ride report
5-4-200716NsportCommuted to work 1 days this week. 16 miles per day.
5-11-200732NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 16 miles per day.
6-1-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
6-3-200745FujiWest Point Inn Mixed-Terrain Ride. Met up with Carlos for my first mixed-terrain ride of 2007. We rode through Mill Valley to Old Railroad Grade up to West Point Inn; then down Mt. Tam via Deer Park Fire Road, then back down to Mill Valley for lunch at Grilly's, then back home. 45 miles total, 9am to about 2pm. photos ride report
6-15-200756NsportCommuted to work 4 days this week. 14 miles per day.
6-22-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
6-23-200782FujiOlema Valley Trail Ride; mixed-terrain ride with Carlos, Greg, and Mike to Olema Valley Trail by way of Fairfax, BoFax Rd, Bolinas Ridge Trail, Randall Trail, Olema Valley Trail, Olema, SP Taylor Park, then back home. 8am to 5pm. photos ride report
6-24-200730Fuji650B Group Ride; mixed-terrain ride with a group from the 650B list. Carlos (26incher) and I (700Cer) vicariously joined in. Rode about 30 miles through the Marin Headlands over to Miwok Stables. Met some nice folks, got reacquainted with others. 9am-1pm. photos ride report
6-29-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
7-4-200741RB-1Short Paradise Valley loop
7-6-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
7-8-200760FujiMixed terrain ride from GGB, short Paradise Valley Loop, along Blithedale Ave to Railroad Grade to West Point Inn, through the Marin Headlands, then back to the GGB. Rode with Carlos, Jim E, Greg, Jeff, Jared. 8:30am-3:30pm photos
7-12-200750NsportRode to work, SF to Sunnyvale. 7:45am to 12:30pm. photos
7-20-200742NsportCommuted to work 3 days this week. 14 miles per day.
7-22-200771RB-1Rode to Woodacre Deli for a sandwich (#15 Automatic), then rode to Nicasio to eat it. On the way to Fairfax I bumped into Carlos returning from an overnight camping trip. After Nicasio I returned to Camino Alto and completed the shorter version of the Paradise Valley Loop. On the Mill Valley Bike Path I bumped into Patrick returning from his ride. 11:30am to 6:30pm
7-27-200730FujiHeadlands Loop night ride with Carlos. 9pm to 12:15am or thereabouts. My Cree LED headlamp worked GREAT! photos
7-28-200745FujiMixed Terrain ride w/Carlos, through Mill Valley, up to West Point Inn, then retreat back home. 10:30am to 4pm.
8-17-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
8-19-200730FujiMarin Headlands/Tennessee Valley Loop with Carlos. photos
8-26-200775RB-1Solo ride up to the Big Rock at the top of Lucas Valley Road. Quite the slog back home, didn't feel too great. 1pm-7:15pm.
9-2-2007153FujiOvernight camping trip to Bodega Bay with Carlos and Greg. photos
9-14-200742NsportCommuted to work 3 days this week. 14 miles per day.
9-15-200746FujiMixed terrain ride with Carlos & Jim E (Jim on his new AAH); rode through Marin Headlands to Miwok Stables where they split off, I continued on towards Muir Beach intending to climb Deer Park Fire Road towards Pantoll but got lost and ended up nearly completing the loop back to Miwok; I backtracked to Coyote Trail and reached Shoreline Hwy via Miwok Trail, then I explored Diaz Ridge Fire Trail as an alternate to Shoreline -- bad choice, I crashed on a rutted rocky downhill and ended up bike-portaging most of the way; once I finally got down to Muir Beach around 3:30 I ate my sandwich, re-lubed my chain (Pedro's Ice Wax sucks!) and climbed Shoreline Hwy back to Sausalito and on home, returning around 5pm.
9-21-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
9-28-200714NsportCommuted to work 1 days this week. 14 miles per day.
10-13-200765ADVNSandwich Ride w/Carlos - rode to Woodacre Deli, got the #22 salami panini, continued on to Rancho Nicasio where we ate lunch and sat in the sun for a good hour or more; then returned home, stopping for caffeine at the Java Hut. 9am-5pm or so, long day with lots of chatting. My first long ride in a month after being out of town and sick over the previous weekends. photos
11-4-200730BontyMarin Headlands/Miwok Stables offroad loop with Carlos. First ride on the Bontrager in a while, and with new middle 36-tooth Shimano SG-X chainring -- hopefully that'll fix the chainsuck problems for good! On the way home through Sausalito, found a cellphone that I'm now trying to get back to its owner! photos
11-10-200746FujiSoggy mixed-terrain ride with Carlos and Robbins. Rained for much of the day. I was late getting started, so met up with Carlos and Robbins at Tennessee Valley, then we rode over to Muir Beach and on to Deer Park Fire Road. At Pantoll we decided to bail and head back on the road. As we were returning on the Golden Gate Bridge, we came across an apparent biker-tourist who'd crashed and was laying on the bikeway unconscious and bloody. Others were there helping out, and someone called 911. Carlos dug out his trusty space blanket to cover up the injured person, who'd fortunately regained consciousness by that point. We left once the paramedics arrived. Robbins left at the bridge, while Carlos and I stopped for coffee to warm our chilly bones on Polk Street. 9am to about 4pm, including the coffee stop. photos
11-16-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
11-17-200782ADVNRode to Pt. Reyes Station w/Carlos, out through Nicasio and back through SP Taylor Park.
11-18-20074NsportRode to GGP with Dawn on her new bike, stopped for lunch at Velo Rouge Cafe, then stopped at Safeway on the way home to pick up some groceries. Dawn learned how to lock up her bike and discovered the joys of carting groceries home with her bike!
11-24-200775RB-1Ride to Lucas Valley Road/Big Rock. First ride on 650B'd RB-1. Overall assessment: interesting. Not quite the mystical experience most 650B proponents report, some good points and some bad. 10:30am to 4:30pm. photos ride report
11-30-200714NsportCommuted to work 1 days this week. 14 miles per day.
12-1-200756RB-1Chilly ride to Woodacre Deli for a sandwich. 11am-4:30pm.
12-8-2007107RB-1Marshall Century. Rode over the Marshall Wall down to the Marshall Store for lunch with Carlos, Greg, Robbins, and Keith from the San Francisco Randonneurs. 8am to 5:30pm. 107 miles total. photos
12-14-200728NsportCommuted to work 2 days this week. 14 miles per day.
12-15-200745NsportParadise Valley Loop. Rode the fixed-gear. Bumped into Carlos & his wife on Polk St. as I was leaving -- they were having lunch at an out-door table at a cafe; we ended up chatting for a bit. Wore the new Prana knickers over shorts and long-johns, they were really comfortable but the leg openings are too wide and flap into the rear wheel. I stopped for a tasty panini and coffee at the Tiburon cafe. I needed lights as I was coming home, glad I had them! 1pm-6pm or thereabouts. photos
12-22-2007123RB-1Hooked up with a bunch of fellow San Francisco Randonneurs for a training ride out to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. It was a clear but chilly day of riding, I could've used another pair of gloves and another layer (or two) on the torso, but whatever. Met the boys at the bridge a bit late, was very happy to find them still waiting! Carlos slept in a bit but soon caught up with us at Inverness (he must've really put the pedal to the metal)! Outbound leg saw us over White's Hill, through SP Taylor Park, Inverness (where we paused for snacks, including Cyclofiend's choice baked goods!), and out to the lighthouse. Return leg had us stop for lunch in Point Reyes Station, then up Point Reyes-Petaluma Road to Nicasio, back over White's Hill, and on home. The sun waned as we approached Nicasio, and the headlights came on. The group got a bit splintered as we entered Fairfax, but everyone reconnected at the Golden Gate Bridge (the finish) and all were accounted for. Another absolutely EPIC day of riding, thank you friends!!! 8:30am to 7pm, 123 miles total. photos