2017 Cycling Log

date miles bike notes
1-15-201750BDBPelicanTo Fairfax & back with Stork and James route
4-12-201775UBIRandoSP Taylor out-and-back with Stork. route
4-23-201765Trek400RRGrade to Old Springs to Pantoll to Seven Sisters to Alpine Dam to Fairfax with Stork.
5-7-201752UBIRandoTo Fairfax for coffee, then return through Tennessee Valley up and over Marin Headlands. With James and Stork. route
5-21-201740Trek790RRGrade to HooKooEKoo to Blythedale Ridge to Tank Turns to RRGrade to Mill Valley for lunch, then home. Rode with Stork. Tried Pedro's Ice Wax, and chain started squeaking halfway through ride.